Taxidermy Secrets

Reference Photos:

When it comes to upland and waterfowl birds, looking at reference photos is a key step to getting the exact mount that you want. By comparing different photos from magazines, internet, etc. a person can find the exact position and look they are seeking. This ensures satisfaction in the completed trophy.


When taken to a taxidermist, all animals will have some damage caused by the hunt. This could include: missing feathers, wounds, or broken bones. The taxidermist will assess the damage and determine a feasible position. The best looking side to the animal will be positioned so that it’s the main focal point. This ensures that the mount looks as natural as possible.


There are many decisions to make when having a deer mounted. By knowing the location that the mount will be placed after completion, you can help make many decisions. These include which way the deer should be facing and if the deer will be alert, calm, etc.